Taking up Flyfishing in my early twenties, I quickly came to realise this was going to be a lifelong passion and found myself enamoured with every aspect of it, be it casting, tying or simply being out on the water with friends fishing.  Happilly for myself I was also soon able to find work in the field of Flyfishing, working in a small Flyfishing specialty store as well as tying flies to meet the needs of it and several other shops dealing in the ways of the fly.  Later I turned to fly tying fulltime, for eight to nine months of the year, taking a break away every summer to work in my families business and continue to do so now.


So why the website?  Well my friends have been at me about it for years, so if nothing else it may quieten them down somewhat!  It is however my aim to use this website as a platform to bring those that enjoy fishing my flies, the very best of what I have to offer.  Here i'm able to freely express myself with my fly tying, using only the highest quality components that fly building has to offer as well as being able to offer a far more expansive array of flies to a much wider audience.  Here you will find a range of flies tied with measure, precision and skill, built with the idea that they will indeed be cast to that fish of a lifetime, foremost in my mind.  As a fly tier I live vicariously through the captures of anglers who choose to tie my flies to the end of their tippets and so nothing pleases me more than hearing of that special capture, from a far flung place.   Rest assured then that every fly you will find here is created to deliver just that, a fish that will live long in the memory.


I bring you then Jon Makim Flies, I hope that you recieve as much pleasure from fishing with them as I do from bringing them to you!


Best regards,