Backcountry Toad

Picture courtesy of Mick Hassett
Price: 8.90
Colour: Hook Size:

The Backcountry Toad is a very similar pattern to the Classic Toad, just that it's tied a little bulkier and with a different array of colours.  I feel this helps the fly push a little water, making it more obvious to fish that rely on movement in the water to find their prey, the darker colours also give the fly a better silhouette and mixed together with a bright flank for some pop, this fly is easily picked up by fish on the hunt.  The Backcounty Toad comes tied on SL12S hooks and with a double post weedguard as standard.


Like another colour formation in the Backcountry Toad or perhaps another style of weed guard?  Use the contact page to get in touch and you'll soon have a bunch of custom tied Toads taking pride of place in your fly box!


Fishy pics courtesy of Mick Hassett.