Flashy Profile Tube Fly

Sardine Mackerel Pink Watsons Leaping Bonito Black and Purple Lumo Red and Pink Picture courtesy of Andrew Chorley Picture courtesy of Andrew Chorley
Price: 22.50
Colour: Length:

Large Profile Flies need no talking up, they have simply performed the world over.  My version comes tied on a tube, and is bound together in the classic manner, with a bulk of flash and proven Billfish colours they light up the water making them easy for fish to sight, the extended flashy tail imitates scale fall perfectly and gives the impression of an already injured target, making it perfect for bait and switch presentations.  Tied with a weighted head for  extra carry and a narrow profile it's also a pleasure to cast.  Coming with a soft rigging tube capable of holding hooks from 4/0's to 8/0's it is an extremely versatile fly, suitable for small Sailfish and Tuna right through to the largest Marlin.


Fishy pics courtesy of Andrew Chorley, Hervey Bay Fly and Sportfishing.