Fuzzle Scampi

scampi orange nipper scampi pink nipper Scampi Roed Tan Scampi Olive Scampi Roed Rootbeer Scampi Tan Cream Picture Courtesy of Brad Bell Picture Courtesy of Dave Scully Picture Courtesy of Bill Mitchell Picture Courtesy of Dave Scully
Price: 8.90
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The Fuzzle Scampi is just a baby in terms of having a fly history but it has quickly proven to be a very good all round inclusion in flats fly boxes.  Tied to stand out in the water, while at the same time looking absolutely natural, fish will quickly rush onto it and be left with no second thoughts that it's the genuine article.  How is this achieved?  By tying in features that occur naturally, such as eyes, gut or roe sacs and contrasting them against other features, the fly is easily made to stand out.  The use of translucent materials adds depth to the fly and long, soft silicone legs provide the final element of movement that triggers the bite, this is one of our go to flies for Permit, Golden Trevally and many other flats species. 


The scampi is tied on Gamakatsu hooks for the hardest fighting adversaries.


Like it tied heavier or perhaps in another colour?  Use our contact page to get in touch for your own custom tied version of the Fuzzle Scampi.


Fishy pics courtesy of Brad Bell, Bill Mitchell and Dave Scully.