Pelagic Profile

Bunker Fusilier Blood Mackerel Black and Purple Olive and White Yakka Mackerel Mullet Fire Tiger
Price: 14.90
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The Pelagic Profile is a very fresh inclusion to our stable of patterns.  Designed to fill the niche in the foodchain between smaller candy type patterns and larger profiled flies, this fly is aimed at being fished around reefs and other structures for varying species of Tuna as well as Dorado, Kingfish, Mackerel and Trevallies.  With top to bottom flash, a tight action and large 3D eyes it resembles mid sized baits perfectly.  Being tied totally from synthetic materials also makes this an easy casting fly, allowing you to shoot out quick casts at very fast moving fish.  Strong Gamakatsu SL12S hooks round out what is an outstanding pattern.