Spawning Shrimp

Picture courtesy of Dave Little Picture courtesy of Dave Little Cream
Price: 9.50
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The Spawning Shrimp is a brand new pattern that is proving successful right from its very first outings!  Coming with rubber legs and ep fibres, this pattern is created not only to be attractive to fish, but bulletproof too.  As we know, the more fish you take on a fly, the more its Mojo seems to grow, so it is mighty productive when they'll see you through several fish and keep on swimming!  The Spawning Shrimp is tied in a very vibrant array of colours, with a range designed to stand out in any situation, making it suitable for all sorts of estuary and flats fishing in any conditions.  The Spawning Shrimp comes tied on Gamakatsu SL12S hooks.


Fishy Pics courtesy of Dave Little.