Squimp Olive Squimp Tan Squimp Pink Squimp Rootbeer Ghost Picture courtesy of Ashleigh Dunsmore, Harfin Reel Co.
Price: 6.95
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The first time I saw a Squimp I was immediately intrigued, I really liked its style, not quite a shrimp and not quite a squid.  I dug into the history of it a little and looked around at a few different versions but to me it was missing something, something that all those little critters have in common, translucency.  It was time to bring the squimp into the new millenia so I gave it a makeover and this is the result.  Straight away it proved itself to be a fish catcher, great on Bream, Flathead, Trevally and many other flats fish.  This has turned out to be a very good little fly for me and i'm sure that you'll enjoy fishing it too.  It's tied on a Gamakatsu SL12S and comes with real eyes plus or I-Balz.


Fishy pics courtesy of Ashleigh Dunsmore, Harfin Reel Co.