Toad Fly Classic

Bleeding Mullet Black and Purple Finger Mullet Shrimp Chartreuse
Price: 8.90
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The Toad is another classic modern fly, straight from the Tarpon flats of Florida, where it is a 'go to' fly in every guides kit bag.  Hanging just under the waters surface, it has maximum one on one face time with the fish, allowing you the opportunity to present it just however the target fish wants it.  I tie my version with premium marabou and a hackle collar that generates a perfect taper from the soft and flowing tail through to the naturally shaped front end of the fly. 


It comes in the Classic Chartreuse as well as the subtler Finger Mullet coloured variation and the all new Shrimp! These flies are tied on Gamakatsu SL12S hooks for the toughest fish but can also be custom ordered on SC15 hooks for a slower sink rate.