VGDC Merkin

VGDC Sandy Yellow VGDC Tan VGDC Olive VGDC Molting VGDC Brown and Tan VGDC Sand Crab VGDC Rust VGDC Exmouth Special VGDC Brown and Tan with Yellow Legs White Pink and Ginger Picture courtesy of Brad Bell Picture Courtesy of Mark Bargenquast Picture courtesy of Brad Bell Picture courtesy of Brad Bell Picture Courtesy of Greg Moon Blue Crab
Price: 11.90
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The VGDC is our No.1 crab pattern. This variation comes from my good friend and excellent allround flyfisherman, Geoff Volter, who puts the V into the VGDC.  It's a great spin on the old standard, tied up using a slightly different technique and with the addition of strike triggering stick eyes, it has become one of the the go to flies for many targetting big Golden Trevally, Permit, Sweetlip and a host of other tropical flats dwellers. 


So then, what makes the VGDC Merkin stand out from the crowd of crab patterns? This is a fly that is full of life, with a pair of long hackle making up each claw, long, soft rubber legs and marabou mouth parts, the VGDC has the vital ingredient of constant life and movement, when it is stripped it simply comes to life!  Additionally, it comes in an array of colours that gives the angler a crab pattern that will stand out in any conditions. 


Travelling to Northern Queensland or Western Australia?  Be sure to grab some of the VGDC variants which come with bright, attention grabbing yellow legs, we're not sure why but the big Goldens and Permit in these areas just can't seem to stop eating them!  There is also an Exmouth special available, be sure to add a beaded keel for the deeper water flats of this area.


The VGDC is tied on Gamakatsu hooks with unbreakable dumbell eyes and extra durable rubber legs that all come together to make a long lasting fly. 


Need some tied in custom colours to match up your local prey crab?  Shoot me a message from our contact page and we'll get it done.


Fishy pics courtesy of Brad Bell, Greg Moon, John Robertson and Mark Bargenquast.